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My Mission: Support Parents in Raising Unstoppable Kids!

Our 3-month program focuses on four core areas: knowledge, understanding, vision, and cooperation—the building blocks of connected, successful families.

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Hi, I'm Theresa!

I'm a Family Strategist and Parent Coach who helps parents, just like you, create a vision of the family life they want, along with all the simple strategies they need to make it a reality.

If you have a struggling family, stuck in survival mode, I can help you breakthrough to a life of communication, connection, and cooperation.

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For more videos visit my videos page or find me on YouTube at Looking Glass Parent Coaching.

"We’re so grateful to you for the wisdom imparted in your course. I have two big takeaways that resonate daily. One: if we’re not having fun and showing the kids our fun side we’re doing it wrong! That alone has relieved me of sooooo much mom-guilt. Now we purposefully do fun things together way more often before their bedtime, cuz before they weren’t hearing us laugh or whatever. They see us enjoying each other completely and work still gets done! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Two: I was so rigid about treating the girls the same and you easily convinced me I was being a dumbass bc they’re two separate people with different personalities and learning abilities and capabilities and maturity. I can’t treat them the same. I love and appreciate your friendship, your constant encouragement, and your support!"

Lindsey Santellan, PhD
Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

"I’ll never forget when you reassured me that taking classes and taking care of my happiness was okay because I’m supposed to be an example for my kids and how I’d want them to live their lives. It really put my mind at ease because I had had some feelings of guilt that I was choosing to spend some evenings away from them. Now I feel like it’s my duty to show them how to follow their dreams even when they have children of their own. Thank you Theresa for your friendship, wisdom and encouragement."

Dawn Kolaskey
Graphic Designer & Energy Brand Strategist

"You asked me one simple question: "What do you love about yourself?" I remember stopping dead, trying to think of something for a good minute or two. I'd never in my life ever stopped to think about that. I eventually thought of a few things, but it really got me thinking about WHY I didn't know or why I'd never thought about it. Either I realized, or you suggested, that those ideas usually come from what our parents or mentors say to us as children. I couldn't think of a single instance where either of my parents had told me what they loved about me or how/why they were proud of me. In that moment I knew I had to change that for my own children. Now, I will regularly let my kids know when they do or say something that I would hope they'd be proud of. I believe that, with that question, you were really just trying to get me to know myself better, but it really just ended up making me, in my opinion, a better parent."

John St. Clair

The True Reflection Program

In my signature 3-MONTH PROGRAM, we build a customized, strength-focused, adaptable process to follow.

No matter the age or phase they go through, this process can easily be tweaked and used to make parenting decisions you feel great about every time for a lifetime.

You will learn to design a family vision together, get to know yourself, understand your child, and uncover the strategies that work best for you! 

In-Person and Online Offerings

3 Month Group Coaching

A 3 Month Parent Coaching program that guides & supports you in developing your family vision and creating your custom plan to achieve it.

One-on-One Coaching

My signature program structured especially for parents who prefer individual support or need the added flexibility of sessions at their convenience.

Public Speaking

How To Raise Unstoppable Kids, my signature workshop. Perfect for supporting parents within your organization, association, or school.

Thank you for checking out Looking Glass Parent Coaching

Are you the parent of kiddos ages 5-12, and you're tired of just getting by? 

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I'm currently building a free resources section. Mini-course, articles, links to other coaches, and a newsletter packed with helpful tips and support!

It is part of my vision that everything you need for your transformation is available to you without having to spend a dime.


If I know one thing, it's that parenting can be an exceptionally isolating and sometimes difficult, frustrating job.

But something else I know is that you are not alone! It's so important to have a place to go that's free from judgment and has only support and solutions on offer. Congratulations, you found us! 


There are so many modes of support that you may not realize. All you need to do is choose what works for you!

Not only does the internet contain a library of resources but there are coach-led FB Groups and a sponsored MeetUp groups to connect with your peeps.

I can help you find additional online self-led courses and live virtual co-parent and individual coaching courses as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

I coach is, most often, a trained professional that objectively listens to your goals, helps uncover the barriers that hold you back, and creates a customized plan for you to reach them.

The most valuable things a coach offers are non-judgment, attentive listening, asking questions that give a new perspective, and mirroring back responses to give clarity. 

Almost as important, they offer tips and tools to help you find your way quickly and with far less effort than going it alone. 

The major difference between therapy and life coaching is the focus of the work: therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals.

One thing that's important when choosing a coach is knowing they can relate to you and guide you in creating your path to reach your goals and create your vision. It's also important they have some training and experience in their area of expertise. Mine is a BA from UCF, attended a full year of coach training at iPEC, I spent 6 years as a certified substance abuse counselor, I'm the oldest of 7, have been a mom for 17 years, have 4 kiddos, 3 bonus kiddos, 1 bonus grandchild, have co-parented for 4 years, I'm even the birth mom of twins and have been navigating relationships with them as adults. Lastly, I love being a mom and that wasn't always the case. Coming from an unhealthy environment, with few examples of connection, cooperation, or family success, using my training, my life experiences, my coaching work with clients since 2019, and my insatiable desire to learn and read all the latest research on healing trauma, raising successful kids and becoming the happiest, most fulfilled version of ourselves. 

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